About Me


I’ve always been a kind soul, but I’m also a little rough around the edges. Lived a crazy life, partied heavily for a couple of decades. Lived like a gypsy. Made it, and I’m happy I did. I learned so much. I met so many people. I still have a few of the connections I had, but many of them continued the path of drugs and I had to get away from it. Now I keep things simple - it works for me. Seems I'm more of a loner type these days. Introspective. I like small groups, one on one. Crowds exhaust me now. Unless I'm working in them. 

My name is Lynda and I'm from Ontario, Canada. My life has been filled with a variety of creative endeavors, primarily my own art but also working with other creative souls. I’ve hand painted t-shirts and sold them on Queen Street West in Toronto. I’ve done nation-wide print ads for Sam the Record Man. I worked with the Ramones and other underground type bands. I’ve created websites that brought in thousands of dollars for charities. I've helped many small businesses get started with online presence and branded websites. I've done numerous trade shows with clients and met so many fabulous people along the way. I'm putting together a photo album of some of the highlights - will link to it when it's ready.

I recently started a site for my writing. I've written in journals for years, and I decided to start "journaling" online about the realizations I have, observations, fascinations, etc. Follow me there for new writing and see my exclusive content first!