About Me


My name is Lynda and I'm from Ontario, Canada. My life has been filled with a variety of creative endeavors, primarily my own art but also working with other creative souls. I’ve hand painted t-shirts and sold them on Queen Street West in Toronto. I’ve done nation-wide print ads for Sam the Record Man. I worked with the Ramones. I’ve created websites that brought in thousands of dollars for charities and have helped many small businesses get started with online presence and branded websites. I take pretty good photos! I've also been a server for a large part of my life - service is something I enjoy. It's very humbling and serving quality food is very rewarding. I love to see people smile and laughter is beautiful to me. Basically I enjoy many avenues of creativity and working with people.

I've accumulated a variety of skills. I can create websites and I understand sales, but I also draw and paint. I do all kinds of writing and one day I will have a children's book (or two) out in the world with illustrations done by me!

This collage says a bit about me :) With the Ramones many years ago, some on the road client support when I did primarily web design (car shows and trade shows), in nature and of course drumming.